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The George C. Williams Prize

The International Society for Evolution, Medicine and Public Health is proud to announce the launch of the George C. Williams Prize. The $5,000 Prize will be awarded to the first author of the most significant article published in 2015 in the Society’s flagship journal, Evolution, Medicine and Public Health. Oxford University Press publishes the journal open access. Stephen Stearns is the editor. Author’s fees are waived for 2015. All articles published in 2015 will be automatically considered for the Prize.

The Prize recognizes the contributions of George C Williams to evolutionary medicine, and aims to encourage and highlight important research in this growing field. In a seminal 1957 paper, Williams initiated work on several problems central to medicine, including an evolutionary theory of aging and life history traits including menopause. He did important work on the problem of why sex exists. Perhaps his most lasting contribution is his 1966 book Adaptation and Natural Selection, a critique of group selection that transformed how biologists think about the evolution of sociality. In the 1990's he collaborated with Randolph Nesse on a series of papers and a book that inspired much ongoing work on how evolutionary biology can help us understand disease and improve human health.

The Society’s Publications Committee, chaired by Andrew Read, will appoint the Prize Committee. The Prize Committee will interpret the criterion of “most significant article” with attention to the focus on major unanswered questions that characterized the work of George Williams. Articles by members of the Prize Committee and their students and close colleagues are not eligible for the prize. Members of the Publications Committee and their students and close colleagues are eligible with special restrictions.

 To submit an article see

The Omenn Prize

The Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health Foundation invites nominations for the Omenn Prize of $5000 to be awarded in March 2015 for the best article published in 2014 in any scientific journal on a topic related to evolution in the context of medicine and public health. Full information at The prize, provided by the generosity of Gilbert S Omenn, will be awarded to the first author of the winning article. Authors are encouraged to nominate their own articles, but nominations of articles by others are also welcome. Nominations, including a brief statement in the body of the email (max. 250 words), a copy of the article (if distribution is permitted) or abstract and article link, must be submitted by 21 January, 2015 at 5 PM US Eastern Standard Time. All applications should be sent to

Any relevant peer-reviewed article published online or in print in 2014 is eligible, but the prize is intended for work that uses evolutionary principles to advance understanding of a disease or disease process. The prize committee will give priority to articles with implications for human health, but many basic science or theoretical articles have such implications.

The Prize Committee for this year is chaired by Sarah Tishkoff, and its members are Joe Alcock, Noah Rosenberg, and Alison Galvani. Papers by committee members, their students and lab group members are not eligible, and articles by their co-authors or close associates are subject to special conditions. The winner will be invited to present a talk at the March 19-21 meeting of the International Society for Evolution and Medicine in Tempe Arizona.

The Foundation sponsors two publications and a scientific society

The Evolution and Medicine Review, edited by Randolph Nesse, provides an information center for the field, with posts linking to new articles, short informal review and opinion articles, and links to educational materials, lists of people interested in the field, and information about courses and conferences.

Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health (EMPH), edited by Stephen Stearns with a team of 89 Associate Editors, publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary biology to problems in medicine and public health and research that advances basic evolutionary biology by studying issues that arise in the medical sciences. Knowledge will flow in both directions, with emphasis on work with the potential to reduce suffering and save lives. Because evolutionary biology is a basic science that reaches across many disciplines, EMPH is open to contributions on a broad range of topics.

The Foundation Board will meet in March, 2015 in Tempe Arizona at the Society Meeting to lay out future plans for supporting research and education in evolutionary medicine, including organizing future meetings for those in the field to share research findings and ideas.  If you would like to help in these endeavors, please send a note to one of the Foundation Officers.