The Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health Foundation supports research, education, and communication in the field of evolutionary medicine.  

March 19-21, 2015
The Inaugural Meeting of the Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health Society
In Phoenix, Arizona, co-sponsored by the ASU Center for Evolution & Medicine
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All who share an interest in this mission are encouraged to join the evolution and medicine community.

The Foundation sponsors two publications and a scientific society

The Evolution and Medicine Review, edited by Randolph Nesse, provides an information center for the field, with posts linking to new articles, short informal review and opinion articles, and links to educational materials, lists of people interested in the field, and information about courses and conferences.

Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health (EMPH), edited by Stephen Stearns with a team of 89 Associate Editors, publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary biology to problems in medicine and public health and research that advances basic evolutionary biology by studying issues that arise in the medical sciences. Knowledge will flow in both directions, with emphasis on work with the potential to reduce suffering and save lives. Because evolutionary biology is a basic science that reaches across many disciplines, EMPH is open to contributions on a broad range of topics.

The Foundation Officers met September 14-15, 2012 in Ann Arbor, Michigan to lay out future plans for supporting research and education in evolutionary medicine, including organizing meetings for those in the field to share research findings and ideas.  If you would like to help in these endeavors, please send a note to one of the Foundation Officers. 

Nominations are closed for the Foundation's Omenn Prize, a $5000 award provided by Gilbert Omenn, for the best scientific journal article published in 2013 on a topic related to evolution in the context of medicine and public health. The prize will likely be offered again next year. For details subscribe for free to The Evolution & Medicine Review